Distillate Oils

Distillate oils are produced during the distillation process of coal tar and petroleum feedstocks. Lone Star’s distillation technology allows us to offer distillate oils according to the American Wood Protection Associations standards for P1, P2 and P3 creosote and also those that meet the specifications for carbon black feedstock. Our equipment capabilities allow us to ship distillate oils via railcar, tank truck and ISO container.

Lone Star’s most commonly produced distillate, creosote, is distributed to licensed applicators for the treatment of railroad ties, fence posts and utility poles. Other distillates include carbon black feedstock, a raw material used primarily in the production of rubber.

For more information on specifications, pricing and logistics for distillate oils please contact:
Luke Galan | 918-346-0535 | LGalan@lonestarspecialties.net

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